MWI Student Testimonials

Our manual therapy students are so enthusiastic about their education. Please feel free to contact them with any questions.

"The Strengthening Class has been amazing. The combination of Jeff's and Kelly's knowledge is invaluable. They both come at the class different perspectives which really enhanced the learning enviroment. Learning stretching and strengthening to give our clients is just an amazing add-on to my already busy practice.

I feel this class is a valuable asset to the Neuromuscular and Myofascial classes attended at MWI. Not only am I working with adheased and tightened tissue, but now I have the skills to work with weakened muscle tissue as well."

Lisa Thibedeau
Lebanon N.H.

Being a successful massage therapist and a member of AMTA for 20 years, I have taken and experienced many different teachers and types of training. Jeff Mahadeen's Myofascial Mobilization intro and advanced trainings and Strengthening Therapeutic training has given me the ability to dramatically improve the outcomes of my clients along with making the work easier on my body.

Isabelle Lovell, LMT
Hudson, NH

I have promoted Jeff's classes at MWI ever since the first weekend at the yurt. The quality of the class, the materials, the hands-on work and the connection between the anatomy, the kinesiology of the muscles involved and the body alignment of the therapist to achieve results with the least impact on their body—phenomenal. From the first weekend and the subsequent first day at the office, my clients could tell the difference in their treatments. They noticed improved functionality, decreased tension and discomfort and a much slower return (if at all) of the problem. Previously, their problem would always return and in rather short order.

After our annual tax meeting with the accountant this year, he mentioned that other clients who are massage therapists are not doing as well as our practice is doing. He asked what did I think was the difference. I told him simply "it's the effectiveness of our technique." I must attribute at least 75% of that to the training I received from MWI. The other 25% was properly applying the technique, educating my clients and insisting on their participation in their wellness through active range of motion during the treatment to their home care exercises, posture and stretching. OK, so you say, well, that's really nice. Here's the best part. Over the last 5 years it has been a tough economy, but we saw only increases in our gross and net income. 2011 was the worst year as we saw only a 5% increase. Between 2008, when I first started training, and 2011, we had 10% increases every year. In 2012, the increase was 20%!!! Yes, 20%.

Happy clients refer more of the work that you want to do. We spend nearly ZERO dollars on advertising. Our business is 30% referrals from other practitioners in the office space we rent and 60% referrals from clients and outside healthcare practitioners. The remaining 5% is from the little networking we do outside the office—and we don’t have much time for that. We have gone from 1 therapist in the office, to 1 full time and 1 part time, to 2 full time. Just this week we added a 3rd therapist who is starting part time. So, invest, invest, invest in high-quality advanced muscular therapy techniques and apply, apply, apply everything that you learn. Would I continue to recommend MWI—you bet your last continuing education dollar I would! I wish Jeff would teach something else so I could return to his classroom. God blessed me with a lot of skill and some fabulous teachers like Jeff Mahadeen.

Jeanie Gorski, LMT, BS, CNMT, CMM
Therapy Designed for You, LLC

I started studying with Jeff in the spring of 2011 and kept taking his classes. I hope to continue on with some of his more advanced training because he truly is an invaluable resource. Jeff has a way of presenting material in a logical, coherent manner while keeping students engaged and excited about the work. He has a gentleness to his approach which makes one feel comfortable to ask any question or ask for clarification.

What I like best about his teaching, is his ability to answer "why." In my 10 years of working and studying as an LMT, I have found so few instructors can clearly answer "why" we perform certain moves or hold the body in a certain position. Jeff is so efficient with his hands that every move has an intent and purpose and he can articulate exactly why he chooses to move the way he does (and explains the research to support it). And, unlike many successful teachers, he remains down-to-earth and completely approachable. I can't recommend him highly enough!

Jeannine Foster
Foster Wellness Massage Therapy
South Portland, ME

Continuing education at MWI turned my 20-year side job as a massage therapist into a successful and rewarding business. Little did I know that when the semiconductor industry closed it doors on my career that another would open to change my world. Jeff's vast knowledge combined with his skill as an instructor makes for an incredible learning experience for anyone with a passion for this work.

Joe Danna CNMT
Atlantic Massage & Muscular Therapies

The courses at MWI are so valuable. The Myofascial Release classes have transformed my practice and my reputation. In my town I was known as a "masseuse."Now, after the classes, my business has grown tremendously and I am now known as a "therapist." Jeff's courses are very well organized and easy to follow. He is a wonderful public speaker. I recommend his classes to any serious therapist.

Nicole R.
Camden, ME 2012

The strengthening class has been amazing. The combination of Jeff's and Kelly's knowledge is invaluable. They both come at the class from different perspectives which really enhanced the learning environment.

Learning stretching and strengthening to give our clients is just amazing add-on to my already busy practice. I feel this class is a valuable asset to the Neuromuscular and Myofascial classes attended at MWI. Not only am I working with adheased and tightened tissue, but now I have the skills to work with weakened muscle tissue as well.

Lisa T from Lebanon NH

Studying at the Muscular Wellness Institute (MWI) has been a fantastic investment; truly both an intellectually and spiritually rewarding experience. Jeff’s teachings have dramatically increased the effectiveness and sophistication of my treatments, while his passion, enthusiasm, and dedication to the study of the human form and to the field of structural bodywork at large is extraordinarily inspiring. What sets Jeff apart to me from other educators is the way his love for our craft transmits through his teaching, and his commitment to advance the standards of our profession.

Jeff’s knowledge and experience has taken my work to the next level. I urge all massage therapists, from recent graduates to veteran practitioners, to discover what Jeff can do for your practice.

Damian Carlson LMT, Bradford NH
Owner/Operator of Myo-Tx Integrated Massage Applications
2007 Myofascial Mobilization workshops I, II, III

I had the pleasure of taking Jeff Mahadeen's NeuroMuscular Therapy year-long intensive course at the Swedish Institute, NYC. Honestly, I expected to take two weekends and be done, for I had no intention of taking the full the certification. Instead, I found, after the first hour, I was hooked.

Jeff is fun, kind, thoughtful, considerate, encouraging, resourceful and thorough. The year has flown by. Jeff has a created a wonderful, comprehensive intensive 100-hr course that is the best review for muscles and kinesiology balanced with bodywork. He makes you remember why you became a massage therapist. I look forward to studying with him again.

Sincerely, Tamar Kummel LMT, NCTMB,
Certified NMT, ACE Cert. Personal Trainer

I am a massage therapist in the Nashua NH area, and I took Jeff's entire Myofascial Mobilization course, including the advanced course in 2007. Having taken courses from him before, I thought I knew what to expect. But once again, his delivery of the course and information was much more than I could have ever anticipated. His knowledge of the human body, as it pertains to massage, is incredible and extremely insightful. Jeff always takes the time needed to be sure everyone in the course fully understands the subject matter before he moves onto the next topic.

His demonstrations are very thorough and were easy to incorporate into my massage practice. I ended that course with a much greater sense of confidence and knowledge which, in turn, has paid dividends for my practice growth and client well being. Any course Jeff has to offer is well worth the investment of time and money, for Jeff's teachings has instantly helped increase my own clientele.

Sheryl Richardson LMT,
Certified Myofascial Mobilization

Jeff's knowledge base is so broad and his teaching experience seems so vast when it comes to the body. He has wonderful ability and patience to convey the information in an easy to understand way while interjecting humor throughout the day. I look forward to taking more courses with Jeff in the near future.

Jennifer, Myofascial Release &
Soft Tissue Mobilization Graduate

Since taking the 100-hr NMT Certification in NYC, I have been able to incorporate the skills and knowledge gleaned from this course immediately upon learning them. Clients appreciate my ability not only to alleviate complaints with direct work, but also to discuss with them ideas to maintain the results and prevent recurrences.

The NMT techniques are adaptable to a variety of sessions, allowing the therapist flexibility in determining an appropriate individualized plan. Not only do clients have the potential to leave a session with a greater understanding of the body, but Jeff provides the therapist with a great resource base that can continue to evolve into an effective, sophisticated style of work. Jeff's teaching style during the workshops is clear, interactive and thorough; it's definitely worth the time and effort spent.

Katherine Queen, LMT NYC, CNMT

Jeff is so easy going. He is willing and able to answer all of your questions. I am so excited about using all the new myo techniques that I have learned this weekend. I definitely plan on taking more courses by Jeff in the future.

Lindsey Smith, LMT,
Certified Myofascial Mobilization

I have taken many classes with Jeff, and I have completed both NMT and Myofascial Mobilization. I will continue to take any courses that Jeff offers because he is extremely knowledgeable and well versed in the subject of therapeutic bodywork. Since taking Jeff's certifications, I have seen my practice grow exponentially. I highly recommend his classes.

Eloise Norton, LMT, CNMT, CMM

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