Wholistic Education Package

Our Advanced Bodywork Programs

Our therapists have increased their marketability through knowledge. MWI therapists will attest that their practices have grown at a rapid pace upon completion of their studies.

  • The individual educational tracks in our Advanced Bodywork Program will allow you to pick and choose your course of study.
  • Choose either NMT or Myofascial Mobilization or Strengthening Assessment Therapeutics.
  • You can tailor your courses for your needs. Study at their own pace.
  • Cost of our Advanced Bodywork Educational Tracks
  1. NMT Education Track (96 hours) = $1800
  2. Myofascial Mobilization Education Track (96 hours) = $1800
  3. Strengthening Assessment Therapeutic Education Track (72 hours) = $1350

Total of 264 CEUs for the three modules taken separately = $4950

Or Choose our Wholistic Education Package. WEP is the all encompassing track. It is designed for the therapist who is looking to maximize their education by taking all three bodywork education tracks (at a discount) in the same year.

  1. Our Wholistic Educational Package (WEP)(264 hrs) = $4,245.00

It is designed for the manual therapist who is looking to raise their level of their education by taking all three bodywork education tracks (at a discount) in the same year.

Our Wholistic Education Package

Wholistic Education PackageWEP is the all encompassing track.

  • WEP includes a clinical practice where patients are provided to help students hone their skills at no extra charge (all clinical rotations have an instructor present)
  • Your commitment for WEP: One 3-day weekend each month for 10-11 months. Finish in less than 1 year.
  • Payment plans available. We want to help you succeed!
  • Contact MWI.
  • All three tracks are included in WEP: (See Course Info Below)
    1. 96 hours of NMT
    2. 96 hours of Myofascial Mobilization
    3. 72 hours of Strengthening Assessment Therapeutics
    4. plus 10 hours of Clinical Practice
    5. A total of 264 hours

Individual Programs of Study

Myofascial Mobilization

  • Anatomy and Physiology of Fascia
  • Postural Assessment Regional View
  • Myofascial Mobilization Techniques
    • Pin and Stretch
    • Soft Tissue Mobilizations
    • Myofascial Release
  • Kinesiology
  • Advanced Postural Assessment - Holistic View
  • Assessing Rotations within the Body
  • Soft Tissue Joint Mobilization

See also Weekend Course Descriptions.

Neuromuscular Therapy

  • Advanced Myology of 130+ Muscles
  • Neuromuscular Treatment Protocols
  • Examining Various Repetitive Stress Disorders within Society
  • Muscle Energy Techniques (stretching)

See also Weekend Course Descriptions.

WITS logoStrengthening Assessment Therapeutics -
National Personal Training Certification included

  • Increase your scope of practice
  • Become a Certified Personal Trainer through World Instructor Training
  • Orthopedic Assessment
  • Advanced Kinesiology
  • Strengthening Exercises ( focused on the muscle imbalances associated with postural imbalance)
  • Strengthening Assessment Therapeutics (designed for the small office setting)
  • Pictures within the manual of easy-to-follow exercises (print take-home exercises for clients)

See also Weekend Course Descriptions.

Please give us a call with any inquiries. We would be happy to answer your questions.