About MWI

Why Choose Us?

Benefits of Studying with MWI

  • MWI is an ADVANCED STUDY PROGRAM for therapeutic healthcare specialists. This program picks-up where the standard Massage Therapy / Therapeutic Education left off.
  • It is the equivalent of a GRADUATE Degree in Therapeutic Studies.
  • MWI has been offering MASSAGE THERAPY PROGRAMS since 2003.
  • Courses range from 24 hours to 260 hours. Choose what best fit your needs.
  • Over 150 Hours of Hands-On Treatment Demos/Models and Practice included.
  • Students Learn the Why's and How's of Inefficiencies that occur within the body.
  • Increase your income by increasing your knowledge which increases your Target Market of attracting new clients.
  • 75% of students who have taken programs in their entirety with MWI have report a significant increase in their practice growth within the first year.

About Jeff Mahadeen
(Owner of MWI, LMT, NCBTMB, Structural Integrator)

  • In his lectures, Jeff Mahadeen not only conveys the specific techniques of the various regions of the body, but also the theory behind them. He believes that, without the theory, there is no true understanding of the technique.
  • Jeff has 15 Years of Bodywork and Teaching Experience.
  • He is the Owner of one of the most Successful Practices in New England.
  • Jeff is a National Presenter. He presented for many AMTA Chapters, Physical Therapy Conferences and Universities as well as the New England Regional Conference.
  • He is a Writer for the ABMP Practice Exams.
  • He is a Head Exam Developer for the MBLEX National Licensing Exam.

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